NDS Slim Channel

Smaller than the Mini Channel and bigger than the Micro Channel!

The grates are replaceable making this plastic trench drain system ideal for residential and light commercial projects.

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NDS Slim Channel

The NDS Slim Channel system is a 2.25″ robust extruded PVC channel drain designed for residential and light commercial projects. It is ideal for swimming pools, spas, patios and paver landscape applications. The installed height of the channel with grate is 3.125″. However, if anchor clips are being used, add .125″.

Slim Channel is available in 6′ and 9′ lengths. Couplers are designed to provide a seamless run with a secure channel to channel connection. End caps provide the opportunity for a 1.5″ SCH 40 pipe outlet through an integrated knockout. Anchor clips easily twist into place to secure the channel to a prepared base or suspend it with rebar. Bottom outlets can be installed anywhere along the channel for 1.5 SCH 40 pipe connections.

NDS Slim Channel Kit with White Slotted Grate
NDS Slim Channel Kit with White Slotted Grate

NDS Slim Channel Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:                               6 ft, 9 ft
Channel Width (OD):                        2.25″
Outlet Sizes (end and bottom):        1.5″ SCH 40
Total Height:                                     3.125″ (If anchor clips used, add .125″)
Max. Flow Rate:                               49.54 GPM, per foot (with 3% slope)

Slim Channel Grate Options

Grates for the Slim Channel drainage system are available in three designs and three colors and in 3′ lengths each. All NDS Slim Channel grate designs are ADA compliant and heelproof.

Slim Channel Grate Patterns

  • Slotted
  • Square
  • Chain

Slim Channel Grate Colors

  • White
  • Sand
  • Gray
NDS Slim Channel Grates in Three Patterns and Colors

Slim Channel grate patterns available in Slotted, Square and Chain and in all three colors shown

Slim Channel Grate Accessories

NDS Slim Channel Accessories

The Slim Channel accessories include anchor clips, end caps with SCH 40 knockout, bottom outlet and couplers

Anchor Clips allow for the channel to be attached to a prepared surface or suspended from rebar

Couplers for this drainage system are secured within the ends of the channel to provide a seamless run

SCH 40 bottom outlet adapters can be installed anywhere along the bottom of the channel

End Caps have a convenient knockout for outletting to 1.5″ SCH 40 pipe connections

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