POLYCAST® Catch Basins

Hubbell makes 3 different sizes of POLYCAST® Catch Basins that are built for heavy duty commercial applications. Idea for roadways, factories, loading docks and other heavy duty applications, they can stand a lot of weight. 


POLYCAST® 650/750 Catch Basins

The 650/750 POLYCAST® catch basins are a 6″-24″ catch basin with different edging, frame and grate options.

POLYCAST® 651/751 Catch Basins

The POLYCAST® 651/751 catch bains are a 12″-24″ catch basin that can be configured with or without a cast iron frame for heavy duty applications.

POLYCAST® 653/753 Catch Basins

The POLYCAST® 653/753 catch basins are a 24″-24″ catch baisn idea for parking lot, roadway and other heavy duty applications.

Kristie PohlmanPOLYCAST® Catch Basins