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Typical Applications

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Pools
  • Locker Rooms

NDS Spee-D Channel

The NDS Spee-D Channel system is a 4.75″ PVC channel drain designed for residential and light commercial applications.

Spee-D Channel slotted plastic grates comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and come in six colors: white, gray, sand, black, brick red, and green.  NDS also offers decorative plastic grates for the Spee-D Channel in four colors: black, gray, green and sand.

The Spee-D drainage system offers bottom and end outlets to fit 3″ or 4″ S&D piping.  Spee-D Channel offers 90° and 45° fabricated elbows as well as cross and t-sections, demonstrating the commercial diversity of the channel drain.  It also offers a strainer coupling to catch leafy debris before it can enter the outlet pipes and clog water flow.


NDS Spee-D Channel Fact Sheet

Channel Length:         4 ft, 10 ft, 2 ft bottom outlet
Channel Width (OD):  5-3/4″
Channel Width (ID):   4-1/4″
Outlet Sizes (end and bottom): 2″ Sch. 40, 3” S&D, 4” S&D, 4″ bottom
Available Depth:         3-3/4″
Max. Flow Rate:         51.27 GPM, per foot

Decorative Polyolefin Grates

NDS decorative plastic grates eliminate the channel’s plastic edge lines, enhancing patio and pool aesthetics. Spee-D Channel decorative grates are UV protected to give the plastic system longevity in southern climates.

NDS Decorative Plastic Grating, Wave and Botanical

Cast Iron & Stainless Grates

Grate offerings from NDS, Iron Age Designs and Trench Drain Systems widen the usage of this versatile drain.  Pick from several cast iron offerings or select stainless steel for a clean (and heel-proof) look.

NDS Spee-D Channel cast Iron Grates

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