NDS Mini Channel Systems

Mini Channel is Ideal for Light Duty Applications

NDS Mini Channel is a 3″ wide non-sloped plastic system built for light traffic applications such as pools, patios, and walkways. With T-sections, 90 degree and 45 degree elbows, the Mini Channel has a wide range of variability in its layout design. The 2″ bottom and end outlet options that are offered with Mini Channel have adapters that fit the outlet to 3″ and 4″ S&D pipe.


  • 3″ Non-Sloped System
  • Easy Installation
  • Sand/Grey Channel
  • Decorative Grate Options
  • Made in USA


  • Bottom Outlets
  • Side Outlets
  • Tees
  • 90 Degree Angles

Channel Length:                             6ft, 3ft, 3ft bottom outlet
Channel Width (OD):                      3-1/2″
Channel Width (ID):                        2-13/16″
Outlet Sizes (end and bottom):      2″ Sch. 40, 3” S&D, 4” S&D
Available Depth:                             3-1/8″
Max. Flow Rate:                              30 GPM, per foot

Cathedral Natural Bronze Brass Grates Patio

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Sand or grey channel for every 6ft
  • 1 End cap
  • 1 End outlet
  • 1 Coupler for each channel over 6ft
  • Grate option
  • Grate hold-downs
NDS Mini Channel Red Slotted Kit

Channel Options:

The Mini Channel trench drain system includes a choice of sand or grey colored channel. These 3″ wide non-sloped channels are UV protected and manufactured from durable lightweight polyolefin.

Grate Options:

The system boasts removable grates, in a wide variety of grating options, making it a very attractive system for patio, poolside and landscape drainage. The narrow openings on the grating give the Mini Channel drainage system an ADA compliance rating.

Slotted Polyolefin Grates

The NDS slotted plastic slotted grates are available in six colors (white, gray, black, sand, brick red, green) and secure in place with stainless steel screws. These grates are ADA compliant and manufactured with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking from the sun. NDS also offers a slotted brass grate, available in satin or polished brass finish, which is also ADA compliant.

NDS Plastic Slotted Mini Channel Grates

Decorative Polyolefin Grates

NDS decorative plastic Wave and Botanical grates eliminate the channel’s plastic edge lines, enhancing patio and pool aesthetics. These decorative grates are UV protected to give the plastic system longevity in southern climates. These grates are a full 3 inches wide and extend over the top of the channel edge.

NDS Decorative Plastic Grating

Cast Iron Decorative Grates

The NDS decorative Wave and Botanical designs are also popular cast iron grate options made to fit the NDS Mini Channel kits in our online store. Advances in the decorative grating market have led to a number of decorative grates for trench drains.

NDS 3 inch cast iron grates Botanical_Wave

Iron Age Designs is a Washington-based foundry that designs and manufactures decorative cast iron grates to fit the Mini Channel system. Currently, Iron Age offers six cast iron grate patterns for the Mini Channel: Interlaken, Locust, Que, Acanthus, Minnione and Carbochon.

Bronze & Aluminum Grates

The TDS exclusive Bronze Age Grates are professionally cast in the USA to fit your NDS 3″ Mini Channel trench drain. Replace your original Mini Channel grates with the longevity of bronze or the classic touch of aluminum grates. A variety of attractive patterns are offered including Slotted, Rain Drop, Cathedral, Tardis, Pedreda, Bars, Stars and Luna. These grates make an artistic statement around your pool or patio.

Aluminum grates are available in a natural cast finish.

Bronze grates are available in a natural cast finish or the brushed satin finish.

ADA Compliant and heel friendly, all grates are available individually or with one of our Mini Channel kits in our online store.

BA Aluminum Grates - aluminum and bronze

Stainless Steel Grates

The TDS exclusive Bronze Age Grates also include the exclusive decorative patterns for the NDS 3″ Mini Channel. Replace your original Mini Channel grates with stainless steel for a long-lasting system. A variety of attractive patterns are offered including Slotted, Square Deco, Cathedral, Foam and Perforated.

These TDS stainless steel grates are available as 304 or marine grade 316 material. Add an elegant look to your outdoor living space while avoiding rust from the elements of weather.

They are available individually, or with one of our Mini Channel kits in our online store.

Residential Pool Slotted Grates Mini Channel
NDS Mini Channel Patio
NDS Mini Channel Pool