Channel Grates

The strength of Iron Age’s product line is centered in their trench drain grating. Offering more than two dozen patterns of decorative cast iron drain grates for off-the-shelf trench drain systems, Iron Age provides a grate to meet any size trench drain.

Choose the grate to meet your water runoff demands and a decorative grate will follow. Learn more about the channel drains that work with Iron Age’s trench drain grates. Iron Age Designs has the decorative cast iron drain grate to turn your hum-drum drainage structure into an attractive and functional architectural highlight.

3″ Channel Drain Grates

Iron Age’s 9″ x 9″ decorative grill is designed to enhance the NDS 900 catch basin.

5″ Decorative Drain Grates

Iron Age’s 5″ decorative channel drain grates fit a number of 100mm wide trench drain systems.

4″ Channel Drain Grates

Iron Age offers 4″ cast iron trench grates to fit pre-existing channel drains.

6″ Decorative Drain Grates

Iron Age’s 6″ decorative trench drain grates are designed to fit the NDS Dura Slope System.

8″ Channel Drain Grates

Iron Age makes the Carbochon, River Rock and Regular Joe pattern drain grates in 8″ to fit the NDS 8″ Pro Series drain.

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