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Typical Applications

  • Courtyards
  • Plazas
  • Walkways
  • Patios

The strength of Iron Age’s product line is centered in their trench drain grating. Offering more than two dozen patterns of decorative cast iron drain grates for off-the-shelf trench drain systems, Iron Age provides a grate to meet any size trench drain.

Not all patterns are shown. If you see a pattern you are interested in but it is not shown, reach out to us for availability. Many of these grates are also available in aluminum and bronze but with an extended lead time.Please note that all raw cast-iron grates begin to naturally rust with exposure to any form of moisture and will appear bright orange before settling to brown.

Hydro Mini Plus ARGO
Decorative american gray plastic drain | TDS- Trench Drain Systems
3" Decorative Grates
One of the most popular drainage systems is the 3″ NDS Mini Channel. Iron Age offers a multitude of options for this neutral system.
4" Decorative Grates
Iron Age offers 4″ cast iron trench grates to fit pre-existing channel drains such as the Spee-D Channel offered by NDS.

ULMA Hydroplus Interlaken BoOF
5" Decorative Grates
5″ cast iron trench grates are designed to fit pre-existing metric channel drains such as ULMA’s HYDROPLUS, HYDROPLUS Mini, U100, M100, D100, Multi V along with other well-known metric drainage systems.
6" Decorative Grates
Iron Age’s 6″ decorative trench drain grates are designed to fit the NDS Dura Slope System.
Carbochon NDS Pro Series 8
8" Decorative Grates
Iron Age makes the Carbochon, River Rock and Regular Joe pattern drain grates in 8″ to fit the NDS 8″ Pro Series drain.
Greek Key Iron Age
9" Decorative Grates
MEA® EN2000 series of 9″ decorative cast iron grates were designed for pre-existing drain systems.

Product Recommendations

12″ x 20″ Deco Heel Proof Cast Iron Grate – Locust – BooF

SKU: IA-Loc-1220-HP-BF
Load Class B
Grate Pattern: Locust
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12″ x 20″ Deco Heel Proof Cast Iron Grate – Locust – Raw

SKU: IA-Loc-1220-HP
Load Class B
Grate Pattern: Locust
Grate Height: 1/8 inch
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IA-DIVI-CB06-HP-A 6″ Divisadero Catch Basin Grate

Load Class A
Grate Width: 6 inch
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