Light Weight Polyethylene Drain Systems for Maximum Durability & Drainage.

Mini Channel
The Mini Channel plastic drain is a non-sloped system built for light traffic applications such as pools, patios, and walkways.

NDS Slim Channel with Slotted Sand Grate-End Cap-Anchor Clip

Slim Channel
The Slim Channel plastic drain is the latest NDS trench drain system released to the market. Wider than the Micro channel but smaller than the Mini Channel, the Slim Channel measures 2 1/4″ wide (OD).

Spee-D Channel
The NDS Spee-D Channel system is a 4.75″ PVC channel drain designed for residential and light commercial applications.

3″ Pro Series
The 3” Pro Series is a light traffic drain system with 40” modular channels. This plastic trench drain system can be purchased in parcel or as a full channel kit.

5″ Pro Series
The NDS 5″ Pro-Series is a modular PVC channel system suitable for a variety of residential or commercial applications.

Catch Basins
NDS makes a wide range of catch basins for residential and light commercial applications.

Dura Slope
6″ Dura Slope is one of the most customizable plastic trench drains available for commercial projects.

Flo-Well™ is a gravel-free alternative to a traditional dry system.  Used independently or as part of a larger system, Flo-Well™ units collect and detain up to 50 gallons of storm water allowing for ground water dissipate.  Units are modular and can be connected in a series or stacked to meet a variety of project needs.  Flo-Well™ is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and made in America.

8″ Pro Series
The NDS 8″ Pro-Series is a plastic trench drain system made from impact resistant PVC.

12″ Pro Series
The 12″ Pro-Series is a neutral trench drain system that comes in 20″ modular PVC channels.

NDS Tuff Track- Beehive Hexagonal Pattern | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

NDS Permeable Pavers
NDS’s Permeable Paver Systems are designed as a more natural alternative to traditional paved surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

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