Trench Drain Systems

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of trench drainage systems, TDS also manufactures several product lines including high volume FP1200 and 3000 Series. For brewing and other sanitary systems, we offer the SS600 stainless steel line. You can also shop our exclusive grates for NDS mini channel that are available in bronze and aluminum. If you are looking to skip the rusting process for metal grates, TDS offers grates treated with our extensive Baked on Oil Finish (BoOF) process that speeds up the process so you can purchase grates with polished brown patina.

3000 Series

The 3000 Series™ is a high volume trench drain system designed for highway traffic and airport applications. Chemically resistant fiberglass channels are also available with fire retardant. The chemically resistant fiberglass channels allow up to 3,000 GPM of water with proper installation and slope; drainage channels are available with a 1% slope. For special situations, .5%, .75% and 1.25% slopes can be ordered to suit a range of site conditions.

SS600 Series

TDS’s SS600 Series is a new stainless steel trench drain designed for small commercial markets. The 6.25″ (OD) 16 ga stainless steel channels feature a built-in 1.0% slope that allows the system to channel up to 470 GPM.

Stainless channels come in 48″ and 24″ lengths with neutral channels to allow for longer runs of drains.

Catch basins are available in standard 6″ and 12″ widths with trash baskets to catch debris.  Outlet size and positioning available to order.

TDS Custom & Exclusive Products

Trench Drain Systems exclusively supplies grating for a wide variety of applications with a diverse selection of grating styles and materials. Whether you are looking to build a new trench system or just looking for replacement bar grating, we can supply specialty grating to your specification.

FP1200 Series

The ideal solution for high volume flow situations such as airports, roadways and seaports. Designed with the installer in mind, this revolutionary design incorporates full 360° interlocks to minimize installation time.


The POLYCAST® 900 Series is the nations premier transportation industry trench drain system. With over 25 years of service, this system has proven itself time and time again as the industry standard.

MAX Mini

New from Trench Drain Systems, the Max Mini takes our Sand Mini Channel and adds a decorative edge. Excellent for light duty applications including residential pools, concrete and paver patios, spas and tennis courts.

Bronze Age Decorative Grates

Decorative grating takes another step forward with Trench Drain Systems bronze and aluminum drainage grates. Designed for the NDS Mini Channel system, the grates are available in 3 different patterns including slotted, rain drop and cathedral. Bronze is offered in natural and polished. Aluminum is available in natural or can be custom powder coated to the color of your choice.


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Would you like information regarding our exclusive products? With over 50 pages of detailed information including specification sheets and decorative grating photos, this binder can be used as inspiration in your showroom or to specify your next project.

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