NDS 8″ Pro Series

Typical Applications

  • Courtyards
  • Plazas
  • Sport Facilities

NDS 8″ Pro Series

The NDS 8″ Pro-Series is a plastic trench drain system made from impact resistant PVC.  The commercial trench system features two channel depths: 4.5″ and 7.25″.  The shallow channel offers a special channel attachment for 3″ side and bottom outlets, an advantage in situations where end outlets are not an option.  The deeper channel has a 3″ & 4″ knockout outlet that attaches to S&D piping.

NDS Pro 8 Shallow Channel

NDS 8″ Pro Series Fact Sheet

Channel Length:                   1/2m
Channel Width (OD):            8-1/4″
Channel Width (ID):              6-7/8″
Outlet Sizes:                         3″ S&D, 4″ S&D
Available Depth:                   4-1/2″, 7-1/4″
Max. Flow Rate:                   94.37 GPM, per foot

Grating Options

Options in grating give the 8″ channel drain its flexibility and commercial status.  Choose between five grate choices for the 8″ Pro-Series.  For pedestrian-only applications such as sidewalks, an ADA compliant grate (light gray) should be used.  However, for light traffic applications a gray slotted grate is the better option.

The 8″ Pro Series also has two commercial grates that can support the weight of delivery trucks; the reinforced nylon channel grate is ADA compliant while the black cast iron grate is not.


Decorative Grate Options

For Pro Series 8, Iron Age has three grate options, River Rock, Carbochon and Regular Joe patterns, which are offered in raw cast iron or with our popular Baked on Oil Finish.


Product Recommendations

Iron Age IA-CARB-0820-BF Class B Carbochon Cast Iron Grate – BoOF 8″ x 20″ (Nominal Dimensions)

SKU: IA-Carb-0820-BF
Load Class B
System: Pro Series 8
Finish: BoOF, Raw
Grate Material: Ductile/Cast Iron
Grate Pattern: Carbochon
Grate Height: 3/4 inch
Grate Width: 8 inch
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NDS 830 Pro Series 8 Shallow Profile Channel Drain

System: Pro Series 8
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NDS 831 Pro Series 8 Channel End Cap / Knockout End Outlet

System: Pro Series 8
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