NDS 3" Pro Series

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NDS 3″ Pro Series

NDS’s 3” Pro Series is a light traffic drain system with 40” modular channels.  The plastic trench system can be purchased in parcel or as a full channel kit.

The 3″ Pro Series’ interlocking joints eliminate couplers, allowing end caps and outlets to slide into place effortlessly.  Featuring channel ribs, the 3″ Pro-Series is resistant to thermal expansion during northern winters.

Because it is made from high impact PVC, the 3″ Pro-Series is rated for light traffic applications (Class B).  The drainage system offers a light traffic grate (gray).

NDS 3″ Pro Series Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:               1m
Channel Width (OD):        4-1/16″
Channel Width (ID):         3-5/16″
Outlet Sizes:                    3″
Available Depth:              4-1/8″
Max. Flow Rate:              72.29 GPM, per foot

Kristie PohlmanNDS 3″ Pro Series