NDS 5″ Pro Series

The NDS 5″ Pro-Series is a modular PVC channel system fit for a range of residential or commercial applications.  This drainage system has two channel depths: the 2.625″ depth and the 4.75″, which each have unique component parts and a flexible design.

The deep 4.75″ channel evacuates larger water flows.  With 3″ and 4″ S&D end outlets, the evacuation capacity of the deep channel outstrips the shallow channel.  Available as a light traffic channel drain kit, the deeper 5″ Pro-Series channel also offers 90° and 45° elbows.

NDS Pro 5 Brick Red Slotted Grate
NDS pro 5-shallow-channel

The shallow 2-5/8″ channel is best suited for applications that see low water flow.  The 1.5″ knockout end outlets attach to Sch. 40 pipes. The plastic channels also offer 4″ bottom/side outlet attachments.

NDS 5″ Pro Series Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:                1m
Channel Width (OD):         5-1/2″
Channel Width (ID):          4-1/2″
Outlet Sizes:                     3″ S&D, 4″ S&D
Available Depth:               2-5/8″, 4-3/4″
Max. Flow Rate:               71.95 GPM, per foot

Choose from four styles of grating designed to allow the 5″ Pro-Series to meet specific application requirements.  For sidewalks, a heel-proof perforated grate is available that meets ADA requirements.  The more popular grate, a light traffic slotted grate that comes in six colors (white, gray, black, sand, green, and brick red), is rated for the vehicular traffic seen in residential driveways and other light duty applications.  A slotted cast iron grate can be used in some commercial situations because it is strong enough to bear the load of delivery trucks.  Glass-reinforced nylon heavy traffic grates are available that withstand hard tire forklift traffic.