NDS Dura Slope

Typical Applications

  • Driveways
  • Kennels
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots

NDS Dura Slope

The 6″ Dura Slope by NDS is one of the most customizable plastic trench drains available for commercial projects. A lightweight HDPE drainage system, NDS Dura Slope sets high standards for chemical and load resistance.  Its four foot modular channel sections offer neutral and 0.7% slopes with rounded bottoms, creating an efficient water evacuation route for any application.  Each channel has a 4″ bottom outlet knockout that provides a greater degree of design variability for the drainage system.

Dura Slope channels hook together without couplers, eliminating the need for small parts while giving the finished drain a neater, straighter appearance.  A Dura Slope catch basin (6.25″ x 24″ x 24″) with trash basket is a popular accessory for many Dura Slope drainage systems.


NDS Dura Slope Fact Sheet

Channel Length: 4′ (48”)
Channel Width (OD): 6-5/8″
Channel Width (ID): 4″
Outlet Sizes: 4″ S&D, 4″ Sch. 40
Available Slope: 0.7%
Max. Flow Rate: 70 GPM, per foot


EZ Track

The Dura Slope product line includes EZ Track Radius couplings.  EZ Track radius couplings are designed for running track or poolside installations and are used with neutral or pre-sloped Dura Slope channel sections.  Each radius coupling allows 3 degrees of motion between trench drain sections, making an adjustable radius easily achievable.  The drain radii that can be achieved with the EZ Track coupling are between 80′ and 120′.  Each coupling is supplied with an associated “mini grate section” that is made of plastic or ductile iron.

Dura Slope EZ Track

NDS Dura Slope Grate Options

The Dura Slope drainage system offers a large selection of grating for residential and commercial applications. Heel-proof grates are available in polyolefin plastic, galvanized or stainless steel materials. Dura Slope’s slotted plastic grates (available in white, gray, dark gray, green, black, sand and brick red colors) are both ADA compliant and capable of holding small vehicle traffic. Dura Slope offers iron grates for commercial or industrial forklift traffic. Shop all NDS grates for Dura Slope


Cast Iron Grate Options

Dura Slope also features decorative iron grates by NDS and by IronAge Designs. Both durable and decorative, NDS’s line of decorative grates for the Dura Slope are ADA Compliant and heelproof. They are available in five patterns. Finish options are raw, powder coated, or Baked On Oil Finish (BooF).

Product Recommendations

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