POLYCAST® polymer concrete trench drains are your solution to a broad range of commercial and industrial drainage problems. They have proven to stand the test of time and are commonly known in the construction marketplace.  The POLYCAST® brand was developed here in the United States by professionals in the construction industry.  Its ease and speed of installation were designed into the product which leads to reduced project costs. Click for a brief history of POLYCAST®

POLYCAST® high strength polymer concrete is available in two resin types.  Common stormwater drainage and acidic industrial solutions will commonly use polyester resin-based polymer concrete which is able to safely handle temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit without structural damage. For applications with higher temperatures, POLYCAST® manufactures special vinyl ester polymer concrete channels that withstand greater heat.

Grating options are available for pedestrian loading up to heavy transportation applications.  Choose from standard galvanized steel and ductile iron daily storm drainage applications.  For industrial processes where corrosion is a concern, chemical-resistant HDPE, fiberglass, and stainless steel grating options are recommended.

Trench Drain Systems continues with grating options where POLYCAST® stops.  Heavy-duty bar grating and contemporary wedge wire grating are available in stainless steel exclusively from Trench Drain systems.  Some decorative ductile iron options are also available.

POLYCAST 400-Slotted Grate

400 Series

Hubbell’s POLYCAST® 400 Series is a polymer concrete trench drain system designed for light traffic applications such as sidewalks, patios and tennis courts. The 400 Series’ non-sloped channels are fitted with galvanized steel slotted grates that can withstand the weight of light vehicles such as lawnmowers and golf carts. The slotted steel grates are bicycle-safe making them pedestrian friendly.

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800 Series

The POLYCAST® 800 MAXI heavy duty drainage system is a high-volume trench drain designed to handle heavier weights than the POLYCAST® 600 Series. At twice the width of its smaller commercial cousin, the POLYCAST® 800 Series is meant to intercept higher flow rates in high-volume areas. The 48″ long 800 Series channels feature an 8″ inside with radiused bottom and neutral slope. The drain system’s corrosion resistant channel bodies act as a containment system for industrial and chemical applications.

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POLYCAST 500 Stainless Steel Perforated Grate

500 Series

The POLYCAST® 500 Series is Hubbell’s low-profile drainage system.  At 1.75″ deep, the 500 Series polymer concrete channels are shallow enough to be used in raised concrete platforms such as parking garages and concrete patios. Drain channels come standard in 48″ lengths and have 4″ bottom drill-out indented areas for positioning outlets for pipe connections.

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Polycast 900

900 Series

The POLYCAST® 900 Series is the nations premier transportation industry trench drain system. With over 25 years of service, this system has proven itself time and time again as the industry standard.

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POLYCAST 600 DG 0647

600 Series

Hubbell’s POLYCAST® 600 Series is one of the most prominent small commercial drains on the market.  The 6.25″ wide (OD) polymer concrete channels have a built-in .65 percent slope that allows the system to achieve flow rates of 470 GPM, higher than drainage systems of similar size. Channels are offered in 48″ and 24″ lengths. Channel edge protectors are available in galvanized steel and stainless steel. POLYCAST® 600 Series also offers extender rails to increase the length of a trench drain run. The 600 Series is also available in vinyl ester material for chemical and high heat resistance.

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POLYCAST® 670 Catch Basin- Stone Gray and Black Decorative | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

POLYCAST® Catch Basins

The POLYCAST® 650/750 , 651/751 and 653/753 catch basins offer large catch basin sizes with many different configurations. With different edging, frame and grate options, these catch basins are perfect for your POLYCAST® run and projects. From a 12″-24″ to a 24″-24″ size, these catch basins are ready to handle your heavy duty applications.

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700 Series

Hubbell’s POLYCAST® 700 Series is the logical trench drain choice for heavy duty applications with constant fork trucks or heavy equipment. ThePOLYCAST® 700 features 6.25″ wide (OD) polymer concrete channels with a 0.6% built-in slope that offers flow rates of 470 GPM. POLYCAST® 700 is based on the 600 series channel, and so shares many of the features that make POLYCAST® 600 a prominent small commercial drain.

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Polycast Polymer Concrete Catch Basin

TDS Products for POLYCAST®600

Trench Drain Systems acknowledged the need for a variety of products to complement the POLYCAST®600 drainage system. Polymer concrete end caps, outlets, a universal catch basin and more.

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