NDS Permeable Pavers

Typical Applications

  • Farmland
  • Sports Fields
  • Residential Areas
  • Campus Lots

NDS’s Permeable Paver Systems are designed as a more natural alternative to traditional paved surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Pavers blend into the landscaping while maintaining natural water runoff. The paver systems maintain the aesthetic appearance of high-traffic areas, facilitate water percolation into the base soil and prevent landscape erosion.

Composed of linked hexagonal segments, the pavers are filled in to present an even surface area. Unlike concrete and asphalt surfaces, which are non-permeable and require regular upkeep, NDS pavers are built to last twenty years without needing to be replaced. Meeting LEED specifications, the pavers are H20 loaded and capable of withstanding regular heavy traffic.

NDS Gravel Pavers

Set on a compact gravel base, EZ Roll Grass Pavers transfer vehicle weight to the subsoil, distributing pressure to accommodate light to moderate traffic.

NDS Grass Paver | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

NDS’s Tufftrack Grassroad paving system prevents ground compaction that damages roots and causes erosion.

NDS Tuff Track | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

EZ Roll Gravel Pavers have a mesh fabric bonded to the bottom side of the system.

Car on NDS Grass Pavers 300x225