TDS 3000 Series

Typical Applications

  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Ports & Shipyards
  • Refineries
  • Fire Stations
  • Military Bases
  • Rail Terminals

This product line has been retired due to material sourcing challenges. The information for this system is available as reference for existing installations.

A similar trench drain system has been developed and is available.
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The 3000 Series™ is a high-volume trench drain system designed for highway traffic and airport applications. The chemically resistant fiberglass channels allow up to 3,000 GPM of water with proper installation and slope; drainage channels are available with a 1% slope. For special situations, .5%, .75%, and 1.25% slopes can be ordered to suit a range of site conditions. The 3000 Series™ channels come in 8 feet lengths with integral stainless steel or zinc-plated steel frames to add durability. Lightweight channels allow for quick installation. The 3000 Series™ drain can maintain a continuous slope up to 240 feet. End and bottom outlet adapters connect the drain system to standard 8″ PVC piping.
3000 Series with DG3041D

3000 Series Fact Sheet

Channel Length: 8 feet (96”)
Channel Width: 8.63″
Outlet Size: 8″
Available Slope: .5%, .75%, 1%, 1.25%
Max. Flow Rate: 3000 GPM

Grating Options

Trench Drain Systems enhanced the 3000 Series™ with an updated list of grate options with seven standard options.  The system offers grates to meet Class B – F loading.

Choose among three heavy-duty ductile iron grates for Class D and Class F loading.  For commercial projects, pick from fiberglass, galvanized steel, or stainless steel grating.

Catch Basins

Trench Drain Systems offers 3000 Series catch basins to help catch sediment and debris. Our sediment basket is designed with inverted V handle for easy removal.

3000 Series catch basins come in 12” and 24” widths. Basin frames are available in zinc plated or stainless. We offer four grating options: ductile iron, fiberglass, galvanized bar and stainless bar.

Product Recommendations

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TDS DA3042B Hold-Down for 3000 Series Ductile Iron and Galvanized Bar Grate

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