Custom Products

Big Enough to Address Your Challenges

Small Enough to Provide One-on-One Attention for Custom Jobs

There are instances when extraordinary circumstances call for custom solutions. If you cannot find a suitable trench drain system that meets your project parameters, in many cases, our engineering team has the capacity to create a specialized drainage system that will coincide with your requirements.

Custom Slopes

Special drainage slope designs to meet desired custom depths and outlet requirements

Custom Materials

Ability to mix products and materials that will meet your project needs and budget constraints

Custom Fabrication

Fully equipped to create made-to-order projects require specialty products

Your custom drainage challenges can be solved in one place!

  • Over 18 years of superior service, products and custom solutions
  • An extensive line of trench drain channels, grates and catch basins
  • Exclusive product lines manufactured by TDS including decorative grates
  • In-house engineering department, over 90+ years of experience
  • Products to handle extreme chemicals and temperatures
  • Grates for A – E Load Classes & ADA compliant / Heel proof & friendly grates
  • Channels that handle capacities of 30 – 6,700 Gallons Per Minute
  • Free consultations, fast quotes and competitive pricing
Custom sloped Stainless steel system

8″ Custom stainless steel pre-sloped drainage system

Custom Slopes

There are occassions when you can’t find a trench drain manufacturer that offers the required slope and width needed for sanitary drain applications. Trench Drain Systems has the capacity to design and create custom sets of metal channels.


8" Custom pre-sloped stainless steel channel

Custom Special Projects 

Our in-house engineering department is capable of designing specific products to accommodate unusual requests.

  • Catch Basins
  • Frames/Rails
  • Debris Screens
  • Baffles
  • Tamper-proof Locking Devices
  • Scuppers
  • Flushing Systems
Custom designed stainless steel catch basin.

TDS has the resources to solve a wide range of drainage challenges for specialty projects 

Custom designed stainless steel catch basin.

             5′ x 5′ x 8′ Custom stainless steel catch basin

Replacement & Custom Grating

Whether you are replacing existing grates or preparing to pour your own trench drain system, custom grates are available in a wide range of materials based on load ratings and application requirements. In many cases, we are able to provide custom alternatives when customers are faced with obsolete drainage systems and hard-to-find replacement grates.

Aluminum Bar Grating

Choose aluminum bar grating for lightweight bar grating applications. Aluminum grating is a natural choice for decking and drain applications limited to pedestrian or light pneumatic tired rolling traffic (carts, dollies and hand trucks). Styles range from rectangular, I-bar, flush top and dovetail to aluminum riveted or interlocking planking.

Aluminum bar grating offers excellent corrosion resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum is easily customized on-site and can be easily recycled Products are available in a wide range of profiles, including ADA and heel-proof bar spacing.

Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is an extremely versatile material. The variations are endless with regard to openings for flow, thickness, and slip-resistant coatings. Whether you have a standard trench drain system or an odd-sized catch basin, we can accommodate custom sizes. Similar to bar grating, fiberglass grating is typically found in walkways, platforms, water parks, wastewater plants, animal enclosures and shower floors; just to name a few possibilities.

Steel Bar Grating

Trench Drain Systems supplies custom bar grating for a variety of applications with a diverse selection of grating styles and materials. Whether you are looking to build a new trench system or just looking for replacement bar grating, we can supply specialty bar grating to your specification. We offer aluminum, steel and stainless steel grating products and will even help in the design of your grate.

Get steel bar grating as a custom trench drain cover. Trench Drain Systems offers light-duty steel bar grating for applications where only foot or light vehicular traffic will be seen. Choose heavy-duty steel grating for heavy rolling loads (forklifts, cars and trucks).

Trench Drain Systems can provide trench drain and deck grating for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications. Steel bar styles include welded, dovetail and swaged with various thicknesses and bar spacing. Framing options are also available. Expert design assistance is provided with all quotes to ensure that project grating is correct based on your load requirements and spanning width.

Steel Bar Grating
Wedge Wire Lawn yard

Wedge Wire Grating

We’ve taken the classic wedge wire pattern and manufactured sizes that fit within our SS600 stainless steel system. These grates are also compatible with the POLYCAST® 600 and ULMA trench drain systems. It is offered in a seamless design or with a locking device option.