Made with sanitary food and beverage production in mind

TDS’s SS600 Series™ is a stainless steel trench drain designed for small commercial markets. The 6.25″ (OD) 16 gauge stainless steel channels feature a built-in 1.0% slope that allows the system to redirect up to 470 GPM (gallons per minute). Stainless channels come in 48″ and 24″ lengths with neutral channels to allow for longer runs. Custom sections are available.

Channels connect with a bolted, flanged connection and have a smooth v-shaped profile. End and bottom outlets are available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ diameters. Tee sections, 90° elbows, catch basins and debris strainers are also available. Bottom outlets (4″ diameter) and end outlets can be utilized on every fifth channel. To reach your full run length, select a channel with an outlet, then add channels upstream to the desired length of your total run.

SS600 Tee

SS600 Stainless Steel Channel Chart

Catch basins are available in standard 6″, 12″ and 24″ widths by 24″ in length. with trash baskets to catch debris. Outlet size and position are based upon your requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Breweries
  • Wineries
  • Distilleries
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Water Treatment
Gaskets are available in all SS600 channel depths

“Easy to use and a nice built drain”
– Jeff, Dean Snyder Construction


“Most sanitary, easy to clean and best quality”
– Ryan, Paso Robles Brewing Company

SS 600 Series Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:            4′ (48”), 2′ (24″)
Channel Width (OD):     6.25″
Channel Width (ID):      4″
Outlet Sizes:                 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ (NH)
Available Slope:           1.0%
Max. Flow Rate:          470 GPM
SS600 Installation Guide

Paso Robles Brewing Company - SS600 Install-Suspended Pour
SS 600 Installation using the suspended pour method.
View & Compare SS600 Configurations

TDS SS600 w/DG0647R GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0670G GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0670 Grate
Load Class: CLoad Class: ALoad Class: A
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
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TDS SS600 w/DG0667 GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0657 Grate
Load Class: A
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
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TDS SS600 w/DG0645 GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0644SP GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0644 Grate
Load Class: ALoad Class: CLoad Class: B
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
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TDS SS600 w/DG0640R GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0640 GrateTDS SS600 T Channel
Load Class: CLoad Class: A
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
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TDS SS600 Tee Channel w/DG0657TDS SS600 605H ChannelTDS SS600 600N Channel
Load Class: A
Grate Type:
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TDS SS600 Catch BasinTDS SS600 w/DG0675 GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0675HD
Load Class: ALoad Class: D
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
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TDS SS600 w/DG0641DTDS SS600 w/DG0692 GrateTDS SS600 w/DG0670G Grate
Load Class: DLoad Class: CLoad Class: A
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
Grate Type:
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TDS SS600 w/DG0669 Grate
Load Class: E
Grate Type:
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Catch Basins
Trench Drain Systems offers SS600 Series™ stainless steel catch basins to help catch sediment and debris.

The SS600 Series™ catch basins are offered in three standard sizes:


  • SS650 – 6.25″ x 24″
  • SS651 – 12″ x 24″
  • SS653 – 24″ x 24″


Outlet can be specified for end, bottom, or side of catch basin.

Other sizes can be custom ordered. Trash baskets are also available.

Trench Covers
The SS600 Series offers grates ideal for sanitary, chemical resistance and high-temperature applications. Choose from cast iron, stainless steel, or several fiberglass options. Grates meet a range of load requirements from Class A pedestrian to Class E forklift-rated.