POLYCAST® 400 Series

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Polycast 400 Series

Hubbell’s POLYCAST® 400 Series is a residential grade, polymer concrete trench drain system designed for light traffic applications such as sidewalks, patios and tennis courts. The POLYCAST® 400 Series channels are non-sloping. Channels are fitted with galvanized steel slotted grates that can withstand the weight of light vehicles such as lawnmowers and golf carts. The slotted steel grates are pedestrian friendly and bicycle safe.

Installing the POLYCAST® 400 Series is made easier with installation chairs, which screw snugly into dimples located at the ends of each channel.  Staked to the ground with rebar, POLYCAST® installation chairs allow contractors and homeowners to secure and adjust channels on site for an easier installation. Solid end caps and 3” diameter pipe outlets come standard with the 400 Series.  You can also drill out the channel bottom “knock-out” to attach a pipe as a bottom outlet.

Through originally designed as a low cost option for the homeowner or light duty drainage project, POLYCAST® 400 has limitations. TDS recommends the POLYCAST® 600 series which has a wider selection of grating as opposed to the one slotted galvanized steel option for this system. With the 400 series, you get a neutral channel and one grate option. The POLYCAST® 600 is comparable in price, has a higher flow rate and is a pre-sloped system.

Polycast 400 Series Cheat Sheet

Channel Length: 4′ (48″), 2′ (24″)

Channel Width (OD): 5″

Channel Width (ID): 4.25″

Inlet Depth: 4.5″

Outlet Sizes: 3″ end, 4″ bottom

Pipe Adapter End Caps

Polymer concrete end caps are used to enclose or provide piping transitions as channel outlets.  End caps output to a 3″ pipe. Material is polyester polymer concrete.

Installation Chair

Installation chairs are the most efficient and economical means of setting a precast trench system.  The installation chair supports the ends of the channel, aligns and locks the joints rigidly together, and prevents the channels from floating.  Adjusting channel elevation is easy.  One chair is required for every joint.  The chair is made from 1018 hot rolled steel and has a zinc plated finish.

Typical Applications

  • Shopping Malls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pools
  • Walkways
  • Patios

400 Series Trench Drain System Details

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