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POLYCAST® was the first to design and produce polymer concrete trench drain channels in the United States. Polymer concrete technology originated in Europe and was produced in one-meter channel lengths. These channel types were introduced into the construction industry as a time and labor-saving “leave in trench form”. POLYCAST® channels, on the other hand, were sold in 4-foot sections which made them more acceptable in the marketplace.

POLYCAST® trench drains have been around since the late 1970s. A construction company out of Fargo, North Dakota developed the first polymer concrete channels for the POLYCAST® product line. After growing the business for several years, they eventually sold it to Shell Oil in the early 1980s. At that time Shell purchased many of the polymer concrete businesses in North America. After consolidating several small operations into a larger polymer concrete plant, they began marketing it under a company called Quazite.

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Later the price of oil fell and Shell sold the polymer concrete business to the then-acting president of Quazite, a gentleman named John Tickle. He changed the name from Quazite to Strongwell. The Quazite brand continued to represent the business that had been developed under his direction and he was successful at growing both the POLYCAST® and Quazite product lines. In 2006, Hubbell Power Systems purchased the polymer concrete business from Strongwell and continued to expand the product by offering it to the construction industry.

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Currently, Hubbell is the largest manufacturer of polymer concrete trench drain channels in the U.S. Located in Lenoir City, TN their polymer concrete plant continues to produce the POLYCAST® trench drain product line and the Quazite underground utility boxes.

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