POLYCAST® 700 Series


Typical Applications

  • Shopping Malls
  • Kennels 
  • Hotels
  • Athletic Comlexes
  • Loading Docks
  • Sidewalks & Walkways
  • Parking Lots & Garages
  • Wineries & Breweries
  • Swimming Pools
  • Grocery Stores

POLYCAST® 700 Series

Hubbell’s Polycast 700 Series is the logical trench drain choice for heavy-duty applications with constant fork trucks or heavy equipment.  The Polycast 700 features 6.25″ wide (OD) polymer concrete channels with a 0.6% built-in slope that offers flow rates of 470 GPM.  Polycast 700 is based on the 600 series channel, and so shares many of the features that make Polycast 600 a prominent small commercial drain.

The Polycast 700 framing technology sets the heavy-duty system apart from other polymer concrete drains.  Cast iron or high-density polyethylene frames significantly increase the system’s load-bearing capabilities by transferring pressure into the surrounding concrete.  The 700 Series framing system also protects the underlying polymer concrete channel from weathering and freeze-thaw deterioration.

When added to the 600 series channel, each 700 Series frame adds 1.19″ of additional depth to the channel invert.  Polycast 700aa and 700pe frames are designed to allow the same 600 series grates to be used in the 700 Series frames.

Save time on the jobsite
If you are in need of an outlet for this system you can save time and money for the necessary tools by having Trench Drain Systems core drill your channels where appropriate in advance. Click here to learn more

POLYCAST® 700 Drainage Channel
POLYCAST® 700 Series

Extreme Conditions
POLYCAST® polyester or vinyl ester polymer concrete systems are chemically inert and resistant to high temperatures. This series is perfect for industries that experience extreme conditions.

Polycast 700 Series Fact Sheet

Channel Length:               4 feet (48″), 2 feet (24″)
Channel Width (OD):        6.25″
Channel Width (ID):          4.25″
Available Slope:                0.65%
Max. Flow Rate:                470 GPM
Outlet Sizes:                      4″ , 6″ , 4″ bottom
Continual Heat:                140° (vinyl ester 180°)

Vinyl Ester Option

Some trench drains may be exposed to constant high temperatures and corrosive solutions, such as used in breweries. POLYCAST® recommends the 600 Series made with a vinyl ester-based polymer resin and withstands continuous heat of up to 180°. POLYCAST® vinyl ester polymer concrete is a product of choice in breweries and chemical manufacturing facilities due to its temperature and corrosion-resistant properties. Vinyl ester polymer concrete is an economical alternative to a stainless steel body channel, as well. When using stainless steel POLYGUARD edging with the POLYCAST® vinyl ester channel, you achieve the same clean look that you achieve with a stainless steel system, while satisfying the engineering parameters of the drainage system.

For a chemical resistance chart for the POLYCAST® vinyl ester channels, follow this resource link. Need a system that withstands continuous heat up to 212°? Consider our SS series drainage systems.

Drainage Systems at Wineries

Cast Iron Frames
Reinforce your Polycast trench drain with a heavy-duty cast iron frame. Combine the Polycast 700aa Hardnose frame with a Polycast cast iron or ductile iron grate for most common commercial applications. To achieve the highest load class rating, Class F, install your trench drain system with DG0700aa cast iron frames in conjunction with the DG0641D ductile iron slotted grates or covers.

POLYCAST®700 Frame and Grate

HDPE Frame
Add durability and chemical resistance to your polymer trench drain with the Polycast 700pe HDPE frame. Install the DG0700PE HDPE frame with reinforced stainless steel or fiberglass grating to make a high load capacity, inert drainage surface. Or, couple the HDPE frame with a cast or ductile iron slotted grate to unlock Class E loadbearing capable of standing up to fork truck traffic.

POLYCAST® endcap

End Cap / Outlet
POLYCAST® end caps are used to enclose or provide piping transitions to outlet or inlet ends of the channel whenever catch basins are not being used. End caps output to a 4″ pipe. Material is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic.


Polymer concrete outlet caps are also available for 6″ pipe. The 6″ outlet caps are made to fit the 620, 620H, 625, 625N and 625H channels.

Installation Chair

Installation chairs are the most efficient and economical means of setting up a precast trench system.  The installation chair supports the ends of the channel, aligns and locks the joints rigidly together, and prevents the channels from floating.  Adjusting channel elevation is easy.  One chair is required for every joint.  Each chair is made from 1018 hot-rolled steel and has a zinc-plated finish.

POLYCAST® Installation Chair

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