Replacement Grates

Grate Options

Baked on Oil Finish

Trench Drain System’s Baked on Oil Finish (BooF) is a pre-rusting process which seals in a chocolate brown, natural looking, weathered appearance and bypasses the initial rusting episode.

Galvanized Steel / Steel

In addition to standard steel bar grating, Trench Drain Systems supplies custom bar grating for a variety of applications with a diverse selection of grating styles and materials. Whether you are looking to build a new trench system or just looking for replacement bar grating, we can supply specialty bar grating to your specification.

Bronze / Aluminum

Decorative grating takes another step forward with Trench Drain System’s bronze and aluminum drainage grates. Designed for the NDS Mini Channel system, the grates are available in 3 different patterns.

The bronze grates are available in a natural finish or a ground (polished) finish. Aluminum grates are available in natural cast finish.


Replace stained or broken plastic grates with a grate that is the right fit for your trench drain system. PE and HDPE grates are manufactured through a chemical process that creates a compacted polymer, making them sturdier than other plastics and impact resistant. This also means that HDPE grates have low water absorption, which keeps the HDPE grates from cracking when the temperatures fluctuates.

Cast Iron

Cast iron grates are the long lasting solution for your drainage problems.

Trench Drain Systems offers customers a broad range of cast iron grates for any application. Whether you need a bolt-down utility grate for your high traffic project or decorative cast iron grates for a city streetscape, you’ll find it here.

Stainless Steel

Replace old trench drain grates with stainless steel grating. Stainless trench grates are available in slotted, perforated and decorative patterns. Made from 304 or 316 stainless steel, these grates are chemical and can be designed for heavy-load resistance.


Fiberglass is a material that has been found very useful in some trench drain grating applications. This strong, lightweight material is easily fabricated into grating for custom drain applications. It’s chemical and corrosion resistance puts it in a class with stainless steel, while being more cost effective.

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