Plastic Grating

HPDE Grates

Plastic Grating

Polyethylene(PE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) grates are manufactured through a chemical process that creates a compacted polymer, making them sturdier than other plastics and impact resistant. This also mean that HDPE grates have lower absorption that keep the HDPE grates from cracking during seasonal change. HDPE grates are a win for laboratory settings because the material is highly chemical resistant and able to withstand acids, alcohols and bases easily. PE and HDPE are lightweight and inexpensive compared to metal options. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a popular thermoplastic used for making trench drain grates. UV inhibitors are added to PVC grates to help reduce the effects of weathering by the sun. Polypropylene is another plastic material used in making some of the less expensive and less durable products.

3 Considerations

No Steel to Steal

Metal grates have a tendency to disappear. Plastic grates have no monetary value to thieves so they stay in place.


Clearly plastic is a lighter option when it comes to grating. It becomes a more cost effective choice when working with a limited budget. Contact our experts who will help you find the best grates for your project.

Shipping and Handling

The lighter weight of plastic grates allow them to be easily handled during installation as well as lighter and less costly to ship to your destination.

Proven Solutions

Plastic Grating

12×12 Atrium Catch Basin Grate

Micro Channel Plastic Grating

Plastic Slotted Grating

Plastic Slotted Grating

Brick Red Plastic Slotted Grate

Brick Red Plastic Slotted Grate

Green Botanical Plastic Grating

Green Botanical Plastic Grating


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