Galvanized Steel / Steel Grates

Steel Grate Options

Galvanized steel grates are coated with a thin layer of zinc that makes it resistant to corrosion and rusting. It also provides the grates with a longer life expectancy compared to steel that is non-galvanized. Galvanized steel grates can withstand extreme conditions and harsh environments.

Trench Drain Systems also supplies custom bar grating for a variety of applications with a diverse selection of grating styles and materials.  Whether you are looking to build a new trench system or just looking for replacement bar grating, we can supply specialty bar grating to your specification.  We offer aluminum, steel and stainless steel grating products and will even help in the design of your grate.

We provide trench drain and deck grating for both light duty and heavy duty applications.  Steel bar styles include welded, dove tail and swaged with a variety of thicknesses and bar spacing.  Framing options are also available.

3 Considerations

Heels & Wheels

We offer a variety of grates that are both heel proof and ADA compliant for wheelchair traffic.

The Resistance

Zinc plating provides a corrosive and alkaline resistant property to galvanized grates. Contact our experts to find the right grate for your project.

Next Level

The galvanization process takes the natural strength of steel and makes it resistant to extreme conditions and extends the life of the grate.

Proven Solutions

ABT Galvanized Perforated

MEArin100 Steel Slotted Grate

Neenah Foundry Steel Bar Grate

Stell Slotted Z886 Grate

NDS Pro Series 5 Slotted Galvanized Grate

Z886 Galvanized Perforated


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