Fiberglass Grates

Water Park Drainage

Custom Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a cost-effective material when it comes to the grating. This strong, lightweight material is easily fabricated into grating for custom drain applications. Its corrosion and chemical resistance puts it in a class with stainless steel while being more economical. Consider using fiberglass grating in kennel drains, kitchen drains or drains exposed to salt water/coastal environments.

Molded Fiberglass
Fiberglass grating can be molded into large sheets for later fabrication into smaller, custom shapes. Mesh grating is made by laying fiber reinforcing materials in grid work-shaped mold and bonding them with polyester or vinyl ester resins. Other resins are available for special applications. The molded product is ground to the desired thickness and flatness. Slip-resistant coatings are applied to the surface at this time if required. Trench Drain Systems offers the following molded fiberglass grating products.

Pultruded Fiberglass
Pultrusion is a fiberglass forming process whereby reinforcing fibers are pulled through an extrusion die while vinyl ester polymer resins are extruded under pressure. The act of “pulling” fiber while “extruding” resin leads to the term “pultrusion”. Fiberglass shapes made by this process come in long, continuous shapes. In the case of fiberglass grating, the shapes have cross-sections akin to rectangular bars, tees and I’s. To make bar grating, these long bars are assembled parallel to each other and connected by structural cross members (known as tie bars) on 6″ spacing. A non-slip coating is applied to the grating after assembly.


  • Customize the Size
    Fiberglass offers the flexibility to have your grates custom-made into the size you need no matter how unique it may be.
  • No Scrap
    Avoid theft of grates for scrap metal by using fiberglass grating. Contact our experts to help you determine the best option for your project.
  • Heavy Duty
    Fiberglass offers heavy-duty strength with a fraction of the weight. It is also nonabsorbent and won’t hold odors.
  • Time is Money
    In many cases, fiberglass grates can be sent out within 24 hours if not the same day!
  • Safe & Eco Friendly
    Fiberglass has low thermal and electrical conductivity and is safer for the environment.

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