Cast Iron Grates

Argo Trench Drain Cast Iron

Decorative Grates

Want a long-lasting solution to your drainage problems? Cast iron grates provide variations that offer high flow capacity with strength and durability that holds up to heavy traffic.

Designed to fit popular trench drain systems ranging in sizes from 2″ – 24″.

You can choose from a wide variety of options including bolt-down utility grates that lock into place for high-traffic applications or decorative cast iron grates that enhance streetscapes or other areas that require solutions that enhance the look of the overall project.

It cannot be stressed enough that all cast iron grates will rust with exposure to the smallest amount of moisture. A humid day can be enough to make the cast iron sweat and begin the oxidation process. Baked on Oil Finish is available to essentially skip the orange oxidation phase.

Areas that receive foot traffic with small heels or bikes and wheelchairs will need to be considered when looking at patterns. Most will state heel-proof (HP) or ADA compliance for bikes and wheelchairs within product codes and descriptions. Heel-proof grates are required to have flow areas no larger than 1/4″, if grates are listed as heel-friendly, it simply means that they are small enough to allow for heel traffic but are slightly larger than the 1/4″ standard. ADA-compliant grates are required to have flow areas less than 1/2″.


  • Raw & Rusty
    Iron plus water equals rust. Although grates may be received in their natural raw state, they will quickly turn a traditional orange when exposed to moisture.
  • Skip the Rust
    Trench Drain Systems offers BoOF, a Baked On Oil Finish that speeds the aging process while giving grates a dark brown patina.
  • Watch Your Step
    Remember to consider pedestrian traffic. We carry a variety of grates that are both heel proof and ADA compliant for wheelchairs.

Please note that the majority of the grates shown are as they appear when first cast at a foundry. All raw cast-iron grates begin to naturally rust with exposure to any form of moisture and will appear bright orange before settling to brown. Condensation and humid climates can also accelerate the process. In many cases, cast iron turns bright orange within hours of exposure and can take several years to settle to the familiar brown patina seen on most parking lot grates. Baked on Oil Finish (BoOF)has become a popular option for grates. Although it does not prevent rusting, a baked-on oil finish expedites the natural oxidation so that the patina is more settled at the time of purchase.


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