Frame and Grate

Frame and Grate systems offer a modular solution for installing trench drain. With frame and grate systems, there is no trench. Instead, you pour the concrete around either a Styrofoam base, or another recommended material, then place the frame and grate on top. Available in 6″, 12″, 17″, 23″ and 26″ widths, Frame and Grate Systems adapt to accommodate unique project requirements.

Trench Former® System

Take control of your project with ABT’s TrenchFormer®.  This poured-in-place trench former system lets you select width, depth, shape and slope rate for a fully customizable drain.

With expanded polystyrene forms, TrenchFormer® installs 10 percent quicker than cast-in-place foundry systems without the expensive framing materials.  Each form can be sloped or non-sloped with a rounded, square trapazoidal or custom shape.

Linear Trench Drain Frame and Grate

East Jordan provides high-quality cast iron trench grates and frames. EJIW offers grates for a wide range of applications from pedestrian areas to loading ramps at airports. Some of the options include parallel grates, perpendicular cross-street drainage and ADA compliant variations that are available in 24” lengths and widths from 8” to 51”. Frames come in lengths of 24”, 36” and 48” selections.


EconoDrain trench forming system is a pre-sloped system with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) form that offers fast and affordable drainage for a variety of applications.  Designed in 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 18” and 24” system widths, EconoDrain trench drain is installed in driveways, courtyards, commercial loading bays and more.


This is a heavy duty frame and grate system furnished in gray iron. It meets ASTM-A48 Class 35-B requirements. It provides superior durability. Type A grates have slots that are perpendicular to the trench run. Neenah recommends project designers avoid the use of light duty trench installations because it is likely that applications will be subjected to heavy delivery traffic at some time. The use of a site could be changed to heavy duty use patters at some unanticipated future date.

Zurn Frame and Grate Systems

Zurn frame and grate systems give contractors a range of customization options otherwise limited by modular drainage channels. Available in 6″, 12″, 17″, 23″ and 26″ widths, the Zurn Z700 Frame and Grate Series adapts to accommodate unique project requirements.

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