Typical Applications

  • Industrial Applications
  • Parking Lots
  • Aiports
  • Ourtdoor Recreation Areas
  • Refineries
  • Walkways
  • Driveways

MultiDrain® Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing pre-engineered trench drain and trench forming systems for commercial and industrial applications since 1992. Originally founded by Georgia Steel, the company is now located in Statesville, NC and is dedicated to creating durable trench drain products that will stand up to heavy duty environments for eons. Their systems are easy to install and need little maintenance, which makes them contractor friendly.


EconoDrain trench forming system is a pre-sloped system with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) form that offers fast and affordable drainage for a variety of applications. Designed in 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 18” and 24” system widths, EconoDrain trench drain is installed in driveways, courtyards, commercial loading bays and more.

EconoDrain offers a standard, H-20 rated ductile iron grate for high volume water flow. The former system also offers bar grates, ADA compliant grates and H-25 ductile iron grates on most systems. Heavy duty FAA load class grates with 3 point locking systems are available for the 8” and 12” wide systems.

EconoDrain’s EPS forms and painted steel frames come in standard 8’ lengths, making for a more seamless installation. EPS forms have a radiused bottom and standard 0.5% slope to facilitate higher water flow rates. However, forms can be special ordered with a flat channel bottom, neutral slope or with a custom slope up to 2%.

The EconoDrain Trench Forming System is easy to work with. The EPS forms lock into the bottom side of the frame securely. With a simple bolt adjustment, frames can be set to elevation on a rebar anchoring system. A unique center form wedge ensures the stability of the form during installation and helps to lock adjoining forms together. Concrete is poured around the form to form the channel and lock the frame in place. Once the concrete is cured, the center wedge of the form is extracted and the form walls are easily removed, leaving a smooth concrete channel behind.

Complex channel designs are easily managed with the aid of “T” and “L” intersection forming kits. In-line and stand alone catch basin systems are also available in a variety of sizes.

Grates Available for EconoDrain Series

MultiDrain New Grates
Alfa Channel

Alfa Channel

Alfa Channel is a 6” pre-sloped polymer concrete trench drain system with a 4” interior width. Channels are one meter in length, have a radiused bottom and a built-in 0.6% slope. Neutral channels are available at designated depths to extend the length of the run. Sidewall extender panels are also available for extending the length and depth of the drainage system. Channels interlock to form a straighter, more secure run and are less hassle to install than other systems.

A variety of grating options are available to extend load capabilities from pedestrian to aircraft traffic. Galvanized and stainless steel perforated and slotted grates are common for driveway and pedestrian walk ways. Ornamental cast iron grates are also available for the Alpha Channel. For warehouse and roadway applications, a variety of ductile iron frames and grates are available which are designed to take the heavy loads and frequent traffic. Alpha Channel accessories include catch basins, grate locking devices, end caps and installation hardware.

MultiDrain® Steel Liner System

MultiDrain® is a former/liner system that combines the advantages of our EconoDrain trench forming system with a pre-engineered steel liner. The system features metal galvanized or stainless steel former liners for trench widths of 8 – 24 inches. The EZ Frame Z-rail grate frame anchors into the concrete and provides easy grade adjustments. In cases that require fast fluid removal, trench slopes from 0 – 1 percent are offered.

MultiDrain® can be installed in less time than conventional form-and-pour systems or pre-cast polymer concrete systems. The frame-and-lining system requires only that the frame be secured and adjusted before concrete is poured; the result is a steel trench body grating options. MultiDrain® is a custom, made-to-order product made to fulfill your specific site drainage project requirements.

MultiDrain Steel Form System

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