With more than 135 years of experience, EJ makes long-lasting castings, including grates for linear trench drains and tree protector grates. Cast iron grating is strong, durable and stands up to harsh environmental conditions. All EJ grates are made in the USA and contain a minimum of 85% recycled materials.

Linear Slotted Grate

Linear Trench Grates
EJ provides high-quality cast iron trench grates and frames. EJIW offers grates for a wide range of applications from pedestrian areas to loading ramps at airports. Some of the options include parallel grates, perpendicular cross-street drainage and ADA compliant variations that are available in 24” lengths and widths from 8” to 51”. Frames come in lengths of 24”, 36” and 48” selections.

Trench grating can be ordered as standard, non-bolted units or as a bolted assembly. For your convenience, bolted grating and rail units are assembled in 24” length sections using for stainless steel hex head bolts.

Tree Grate

Tree Grating
EJ tree grates can be customized with the name of your municipality, corporation or development. Custom sizes, sub-grade lighting ports, tree guards and matching ADA trench grating are just a few of the options available.  Other features include security bolting and bolting tabs to secure tree guards.

Decorative Grate

Designer Trench Grates
Some projects call for a more refined look that enhances the overall project. EJ offers a wide range of decorative grating with options that are heavy duty, ADA compliant, tamper-proof, or non-traffic.

Information Binder

Would you like information regarding our exclusive products? With over 50 pages of detailed information including specification sheets and decorative grating photos, this binder can be used as inspiration in your showroom or to specify your next project.

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