Zurn Frame and Grate Systems

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Typical Applications

  • Airports
  • Bleacher
  • Concessions
  • Driveways
  • Garage
  • Highways
  • Maintenance Area
  • Parking Lot

Zurn Frame and Grate Systems

Zurn frame and grate systems give contractors a range of customization options otherwise limited by modular drainage channels. Available in 6″, 12″, 17″, 23″ and 26″ widths, the Zurn Z700 Frame and Grate Series adapts to accommodate unique project requirements.

Each frame and grate drainage system features sturdy angle iron and a carbon steel frame assembly. The system’s frames include anchoring studs that “grip” concrete, which enables a secure installation and high load bearing capabilities.

Zurn-Z782Zurn-Z723-HDS frame

Z700 Series Benefits:

  • Z700 Series is available in 5 width options
  • Frame and Grate System means you choose your own depth
  • Z700 Series grates offer ADA and Buy American options
  • Z700 frames distribute load stress into surrounding concrete for a stronger trench drain system