Decorative drain grates by Iron Age Designs enhance home patios or commercial streetscapes. With decorative grating to fit ACO, MEA, J.R. Smith and NDS trench drain systems, Iron Age Designs allows you to adapt to your project needs.

Catch Basin Grates
Iron Age decorative catch basin grates fit a number of square and round basins for residential or streetscape applications. Choose your decorative catch basin grate by size.

Tree Grates
As the tree grows, break-away sections of the grating can be utilized to make the interior diameter larger and allow for un-constricted growth. All Iron Age cast iron tree grates are vehicle safe and ADA compliant.

Interlaken Iron Age Radius Grate

Radius Grates
Iron Age radius grates make curved trench drains a possibility like never before.  Choose a decorative radius grate to meet your project specifications.

Channel Grates
The strength of Iron Age’s product line is centered in their trench drain grating. Offering more than two dozen patterns of decorative cast iron drain grates for off-the-shelf trench drain systems, Iron Age provides a grate to meet any size trench drain.

Baked on Oil Finish
Trench Drain System’s Baked on Oil Finish (BooF) is a pre-rusting process which seals in a chocolate brown, natural looking, weathered appearance and bypasses the initial rusting episode.

Custom Iron Age Grate

Custom Frame Grates
Iron Age offers a variety of grate patterns in sizes that fit custom Iron Age frames.  Whether the decorative iron grate you want doesn’t fit a standard trench drain or you have a nonstandard installation ahead of you, Iron Age grates and frames ensure you can get the job done.

Information Binder

Would you like information regarding our exclusive products? With over 50 pages of detailed information including specification sheets and decorative grating photos, this binder can be used as inspiration in your showroom or to specify your next project.

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