Tree Grates / Streetscapes

Iron Age Designs has a good selection of cast iron tree grates. These grates come in unique patterns which work well in urban and park settings alike.  Need a frame for the grate? Iron Age has frames that accent the tree grate and provide an edge to form a concrete or paving stone surface against.

3ft Tree Grates

Iron Age 3′ tree grates protect urban trees from soil compaction without interrupting traffic flow.

5ft Tree Grates

Iron Age’s 60″ tree grates protect tree roots from pedestrian traffic while letting water through.

4ft Tree Grates

Iron Age 48″ tree grates prevent soil being compacted by foot traffic, increasing water absorption and longevity in urban trees.

Round Tree Grates

Iron Age challenges expectations with their line of round tree grates, an expanding selection of patterns and sizes for urban planners and architects.

Large Tree Grates

Iron Age decorative tree grates come in larger sizes. Click More Info to see additional information and cut sheets.

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