Iron Age Catch Basins

Iron Age decorative catch basin grates fit a number of square and round basins for residential or streetscape applications.  Choose your decorative catch basin grate by size.Trench Drain Systems can help design catch basin grates that require a custom size, alloy or design.  Contact us with the details of your project and we will help you through the design process.  However, first review the products below to see if one of these catch basin grate designs meet your needs.

9″ Decorative Grate

Iron Age’s 9″ x 9″ decorative grate is designed to enhance the NDS 900 catch basin.

18″ Catch Basin Grates

Iron Age’s 18″ decorative cast iron grates fills the need for large architectural grates.

12″ Catch Basin Grates

Iron Age’s 12″ x 12″ decorative grates turn the functional NDS 1200 Series into an ornamental landscaping basin.

24″ Catch Basin Grates

Iron Age’s 24″ decorative catch basin grates enhance courtyards, driveways, patios & streetscapes.

4″ dia. Decorative Grates

Iron Age’s 4″ dia. decorative iron grates fit directly into 3″ & 4″ PVC pipes.  For inconspicuous drainage projects with some decorative panache, choose between the stylish Anise, Locust and Oblio patterns.

Kristie PohlmanIron Age Catch Basins