Transportation & Terminal Drainage

Drainage Solutions


Runway trench drains are designed for large flow capacities. They use grates with a high percentage of open area along with wider trench dimensions; it is not uncommon to see 12 inch wide trenches that reach 3-to-4 feet deep.

Loading Docks

In areas where there are larger trucks and more surface area, water flow requires a reinforced drain that is at least 8″ wide.

Cargo Ports

Truck terminals and shipping ports see significant tractor trailer and forklift traffic which means trench drain systems in terminals need to be HS20 or HS25 load rated and wide enough to capture large water flow from concrete lot.

Parking Structures

There are many considerations for planning drainage systems in parking lots including the surrounding landscape, MS4 requirements as well as the average amount of rainfall.


Roadway trench drain systems can be used to cross a road to keep run-off water from entering another section of the road such as toll booths and weigh stations.


Warehouse drainage is determined by several factors including the load rating for the traffic it encounters, the location of the drainage and selecting grates that are appropriate for pedestrian traffic if needed..

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