Perma-Trench HDPE

Zurn Z874


Zurn Z874 is the most adaptable plastic trench drain on the market. Capable of ranging in width between 12″-21″ and able to reach up to 36″ depths, the Z874 drainage system is ideal for high-volume water flow.

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The 4” Z884 Series provides a sturdy channel drain for residential drainage and depth-restricted installations.

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Zurn’s Z880 Perma-Trench expands your pool and balcony drainage opportunities. This channel is 2-1/2″ wide and are UV-10 stabilized.

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Zurn Z886 Perma-Trench HDPE


Zurn’s Z886 Series Perma-Trench is one of the most specified HDPE systems on the market. Built to maximize water flow, this pre-sloped 6.25″ wide (OD) modular channels feature a radiused bottom and .75% bottom slope.

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The Zurn Z882 Perma-Trench system is the high volume trench drain for fire stations and heavy-duty situations.

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HDPE Catch Basins

Zurn makes a line of HDPE catch basins to fit its more popular Perma-Trench systems.

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Zurn Z883


Z883 Perma-Trench’s low profile HDPE channels make the system ideal for sidewalks and pools.

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