Zurn Z880 Perma-Trench

The Z880 Perma-Trench by Zurn expands pool deck and balcony drain opportunities.  At 2.5″ wide (OD), the Z880 system features removable top covers that capture more water and less debris than narrower strip drains.

Five Standard Channel Colors

Buy the residential channel drain in one of five colors: white, sand, gray, blue or brick red.  Z880 eliminates edge lines by matching colors on the HDPE channels and grates.

Zurn Z880 Grates

Choose plastic grating with no edge line or upgrade to decorative aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron decorative grates.  Grates snap into the channel with a tongue and groove connection, making clean outs easy.

Pipe Adapters and End Caps

Z880 Series offers 1.5″ end and bottom outlets. Bottom outlets can be placed anywhere on a channel, giving design control to the owner. With prefabricated 90-degree corners and 45-degree turns, the Z880 Perma-Trench can adjust to complex layouts.

Zurn Z880 Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:              48″
Channel Width (OD) :      2.5″
Channel Width (ID) :        1.75″
Outlet Sizes:                    1.5″ (OD)
Available Slope:              0%
Available Slope:              Heel proof, Ornamental

View Z880 Specification Sheet

Typical Applications

  • sidewalks
  • balconies
  • pool decks
  • landscaping
Kristie PohlmanZurn Z880