Zurn Z874 Perma-Trench

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Typical Applications

  • Chemical Plants
  • Airports
  • Port Facilities
  • Highways
  • Parking Lots
  • Industrial Parks

Zurn Z874

Zurn Z874 is the most adaptable plastic trench drain on the market. Capable of ranging in width between 12″-21″ and able to reach up to 36″ depths, the Z874 drainage system is ideal for high-volume water flow.

Zurn Z874

Zurn Z874-12

Zurn’s Z874-12 Series comes in 2 meter (80″) modular channels made of HDPE. Each channel attaches with an interlocking connection for a smooth seam. Radius channel interiors promote fast water drainage along with an optional 1% built-in slope.

Z874-12 exploded view

Zurn Z874-U

Zurn’s Z874-U utility trenching offers a simple containment system for utility piping, cables and wiring.  Available in widths between 12″ and 26″, Z874-U channels range from 4″ – 30″ deep.  With a steel frame assembly and light-duty cover, the Z874-U Series is set to contain utility cables in non-trafficked areas.

Zurn Z874-U

Z874 Outlets / End Caps


Zurn Z874-18

The 18″ (ID) Z874-18 Series evacuates almost twice the liquid as its 12″ wide companion.  Each 2 meter channel is offered in neutral or pre-sloped option based on project need.  The heavy-duty frame assembly reinforces the Z874-18 system against heavier traffic loads.

Z874-18 exploded view

Zurn Z874-21

The 21″ Z874-21 System features a heavy-duty frame assembly and durable grates.  With grating from Class A-F available, H-20 and FAA load requirements pose no problem for Z874-21.

Zurn Z874-21