EJ Tree Grates

Typical Applications

  • Streetscapes
  • Residential
  • Municipal
  • Walkways
  • Landscapes
  • Courtyards
  • Patios

Tree Grates

Decorative tree grates by EJ are the perfect blend of form and function. Available in many styles and designs, they promote healthier trees by offering air and rainwater a path to the roots, while providing a flat, ADA compliant pedestrian surface. Protect your investment in green infrastructure and maximize benefits to your community by promoting healthy tree growth and longevity. Choose the correct size tree grate and removable center so your trees can reach their full potential.

Cast iron grating is strong, durable and stands up to harsh environmental conditions. In its natural state, gray iron develops a pleasant, dark brown patina as it ages. Cast iron is inherently resistant to corrosion from natural elements and will last for many, many years in its original state. All EJ grates are made in the USA and contain a minimum of 85% recycled materials. Hundreds of tons per day of waste ferrous materials, including old car parts, appliances, and obsolete farm equipment are recycled to produce castings for your infrastructure.

EJ Tree Grate

Tree Grate Features and Options

Identify and Customize

Customize your grates with the name of your municipality, corporation, or development to further strengthen your identity. Custom sizes, sub-grade lighting, tree guards, and matching ADA trench grating are just a few of the options available.

Ej Custom Tree Grate

Access Port Options

Illuminate the beauty of your trees at night. Several of EJ’s tree grate designs offer an access port option allowing for the installation of sub-grade lighting units, staking, or a watering well. Use direct lighting to create a special atmosphere and provide more light to surrounding areas. Size can be plasma cut to fit any size well light.

EJ Access Port Options Tree Grates

ADA Compliant Tree Grates

EJ has numerous tree grates and trench grates designed to comply with ADA standards. The guidelines specify that grating, whether tree grates or trench grating, located in pedestrian walkways shall not allow passage of a sphere more than 1/2″ in diameter. Additionally, if grating has elongated openings, the long dimension is to be perpendicular to the dominant direction of travel.

EJ ADA Compliant Tree Grates

Security Bolting Feature

EJ has developed a hassle-free way to ensure solid, long lasting security. Compatible with standard hex bolts or special security designs, EJ’s EON LOCK® design — an innovative approach to bolted tree grates, provides a reliable and permanent fastening solution.

EJ Security Bolting Feature Tree Grates

Tree Guard Bolting Tabs

Tree Grates by EJ are available in a variety of sizes and shapes (rectangular, square, round, and half round half square).

EJ Tree Guard Bolting Tabs

Shape and Size

Tree Grates by EJ are available in a variety of sizes and shapes (rectangular, square, round, and half round half square).

EJ Shape and Size Tree Grates

Retrofit Tree Grate

EJ offers a tree grate solution for retrofit applications. For a perfect fit, simply cut the concrete to the recommended size and set the tree grate in the hole. This tree grate can also be used in new construction by forming the hole to size and eliminating the need to cut the concrete.

EJ Retrofit Tree Grate

Tree Grate Styles

Tree Grate Frame Options

Tree grate frame options vary depending on the solution needed for your application. Most new tree grate installations utilize the frame option with anchor bars to secure the durable steel frame to the newly poured concrete. For retrofit applications, EJ offers two different retrofit frame options to help you adjust the level of your tree grate to the ground surface. Tight, secure, and level tree grate installations are simple with one-piece and multi-piece frame options. Some tree grate designs may require a frame with a center support.

EJ Grate Frame Option 1
EJ Grate Frame Option 2
EJ Grate Frame Option 3
EJ Grate Frame Option 4

Expandable Tree Openings

The removable center rings are a convenient way to adjust the tree grate opening diameter as the tree trunk grows in width. As you plan ahead for plantings and tree pit maintenance of the streetscape, order your grate with one or more of the optional rings. Later, you may remove or swap out a ring to increase the opening size during a higher growth phase as the tree matures.

EJ Expandable 16" Tree Opening
EJ Expandable 24" Tree Opening