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ABT’s polymer concrete drains and trench former systems out-compete industry peers. ABT drains lead the field in commercial and public projects.
ABT Trench Former

Trench Former

This poured-in-place trench former system lets you select width, depth, shape and slope rate for a fully customizable drain.

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ABT-PolyDrain Interceptor

PolyDrain Interceptor

PolyDrain Interceptor Series sets the standard for roadway drainage in North America. Interceptor controls sheet flow which prevents water from bypassing the drain inlet.

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ABT Polydrain Polymer Concrete Channel


PolyDrain channels are 6″ wide (OD) and provide a .6% slope and 4″ radius interior for maximum flow velocity. Each one-meter channel uses joints that interlock to keep the system aligned during installation and prevent leaks

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ABT Poly Shallow

Poly Shallow

PolyDrain Shallow channels are most commonly found in driveways, patios, and pedestrian walkways. Each 1-meter channel uses interlocking joints to keep the system aligned during installation and prevent leaks.

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ABT PolyDrain PDX Series

Polydrain PDX Series

The PolyDrain PDX Series is designed to meet almost any load, hydraulic or chemical requirement.  PDX Series polymer concrete channels provide non-sloped and sloped options. Sloped sections range from 0-4% with 5% increasing increments. Depths range from 3.94″ to 19.69″.

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Would you like information regarding our exclusive products? With over 50 pages of detailed information including specification sheets and decorative grating photos, this binder can be used as inspiration in your showroom or to specify your next project.

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