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Typical Applications

  • Utility Ducts
  • Secondary Containment Drains

PolyDrain Shallow

ABT’s PolyShallow trench drains provide smooth drainage in limited depth applications. Each 1 meter channel uses interlocking joints to keep the system aligned during installation and prevent leaks. Using Polyclip installation brackets, contractors can align and level channels quickly. Polyclip II technology ensures that channels remain secure during installation. Overlay rails protect channel edges from chipping and provide a uniform aesthetic.


PolyDrain Shallow Series Fact Sheet

Channel Length:               1m, 1/2m
Channel Width (OD):        6.45″
Channel Width (ID):          4″
Outlet Sizes:                      2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ (NH)

PolyDrain Grating

With a large selection of grates and covers, ABT PolyDrain can cover any commercial application. PolyDrain feature covers and grates from pedestrian Class A to industrial-capable Class F.

Choose heel-proof perforated or steel-slotted grating in pedestrian or traffic-rated options. Ductile iron grates are available in standard or frame-reinforced versions.