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ULMA Architectural Solutions HQ in Spain

Have you heard about ULMA?

Based in Spain, Ulma Architectural Solutions has manufactured architectural products for the construction industry for over 50 years. And though, relatively unknown in the United States, ULMA has been providing drainage solutions around the world for over 15 years. Their trench drain products are being distributed stateside by Trench Drain Systems, based in Fremont, OH. ULMA provides superior drainage systems that complement the extensive products currently being offered by TDS.

Coke Can at ULMA HQ
You can see that Coca-Cola is an international brand. This was captured just outside of the ULMA Architectural Solutions HQ building.

ULMA Drainage System Benefits

ULMA invests heavily in product research and development. This allows them to offer a highly competitive range of drainage systems at a competitive price. Similar to other manufacturers, ULMA uses a mixture of silica and quartz aggregates that are bound by stable polyester resins (polymer concrete) to manufacture their drainage channels. Polymer concrete created with this type of resin increases impact resistance and allows for low absorption of the channels, which helps increase the flow rate. Additionally, these trench drain channels are resistant to a variety of chemicals. They are also tolerant of seasonal ground freeze/thaw and capable of withstanding a maximum temperature of 75C / 167F.

ULMA U100KM with Iron Age Interlaken Grate

A Quick Look

Looking closely at Ulma’s light & medium duty channels (U100K, M100K), you can see how versatile these systems are. All of the models have an internal nominal width of 4” (5” external) and feature integrated stainless steel or galvanized steel edging that increases the stability of the drain. This steel edge provides a smooth transition especially when adjacent to areas with loose landscapes, such as gravel and mulch. It is often sold separately at an additional cost.

The U100K and U100KX systems have a built-in 0.5% slope. Neutral and half channels are also available. The M100 and M100KX are shallow, non-sloped (neutral) systems with a nominal depth of 1 ½”. Both drainage systems are typically used in a variety of light vehicular traffic residential or public applications.

Ulma Channel photo from the top down
ULMA channels look great next to all types of surfaces including natural stone.

Topping Off ULMA Channels

A broad range of grating options with different load ratings, materials, and open areas is available for the U100K(X) and M100K(X) channels. Decorative options are also available providing the drainage channels a high-end appearance.

These two trench drain systems are only a couple examples of ULMA’s wide range of water runoff solutions. Whether it’s a football stadium, warehouse, food processing center or residential project, ULMA has a drainage solution for every industry challenge.

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