Zurn Z888 Hi-Cap Drains

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Typical Applications

  • Highways
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Wineries
  • Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations
  • Industrial Parks
  • Airplane Hangars

Zurn Z888 Hi-Cap Drains

Zurn’s Z888 Hi Capacity Slot Drains are designed to combat heavy runoff from exterior applications such as parking lots, airports, highways and more.

Built for large scale drainage, the combination of features in Z888 slot drains lets them whisk water away.  A smooth channel interior with no angular edges prevents debris from building up in the system.  Z888’s linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) material keeps it water tight; liquids end up in the drain, not in the channel walls.

Slot opening is 1.75 inches wide with optional cleanout sections for maintenance.

Zurn-Z888 Hi Capacity
Z888-hi-cap Channels

Zurn Z888-12

  • 1.75″ Throat
  • 12″ Wide (ID)
  • 14.25″ Deep (ID)
  • 3.609 gpf

Zurn Z888-18

  • 1.75″ Throat
  • 12″ Wide (ID)
  • 21″ Deep (ID)
  • 9.2475 gpf

Zurn Z888-36

  • 1.75″ Throat
  • 23″ Wide (ID)
  • 31″ Deep (ID)
  • 23.238 gpf

Stepped Fall Transitions

The Z888 System offers three channel sizes based on flow expectation: the Z888-12, Z888-18 and Z888-36 channels. Build a non-sloped run of slot drain or use a Transition Connection to create a stepped fall toward the end outlet.

Each 2-meter (80”) channel connects together via a mechanical overlap, making installation quick and simple. Rebar clips along the channel walls hold the system in place during a concrete pour. An integral “Zip Strip” keeps the 1.75” wide throat shut, preventing debris and concrete slurry from entering the drainage system during installation.


Building a Slope

Z888 Hi-Capacity Slot Drains feature neutral channels, but that doesn’t stop them from capturing high volumes of water.  Along with transitioning between the Z888-12, Z888-18 and Z888-36 channels for a stepped fall, contractors can add a pre-sloped frame for added durability and efficiency.

To further increase the Z888 Hi-Cap’s flow rate, grade the subsurface at a slope up to 1% before installing the slot drain system. This increases CFS from 2.18 in the Z888-18 Series to as much as 6.90 CFS.



The Z889 High Capacity Clean out Port fits the Z88-12-18-36 Series slot drains. At 24″ long, the clean-out offers pedestrian, FAA and H-20 grates to accommodate any load class requirement.

Use the Z889 Cleanout Port in longer slot drain runs to enable easy maintenance and a lasting drainage system.