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US Foundry takes pride in its commitment to its mission of delivering quality work and recognizes that continued success must be earned through the consistent improvement of its unparalleled products and exceptional service. They produce casting products including rings and covers, catch basins, curb and gutter inlets, cast iron grating, steel grating and access covers to name a few.

Catch Basin Grates

Catch basin grates are round and range in size from just over 19″ to over 34″ in diameter. There is a wide variety of options that are suitable for load ratings A thru F with many being ADA compliant.

Tree Grates

Beautiful tree grates in a variety of patterns and sizes to fit with your streetscape project. Choose between squares, rectangles, round or hexagonal shapes. Let us know if you need access panels for lighting or maintenance and if you need tree guard lugs to attach to. There is also an option to have some designs customized to have logos cast within the grates. Sizes range from about 30″ to 72″ depending on the shape that you are interested in. ADA compliant options are also available.

Trench Drain Grates

US Foundry trench drain grates are used for a variety of applications such as loading docks, walkways, entrances, parking lots, garages and much more. They are all intended for heavy duty loading situations and provide a great selection of sizes. Custom grates are available for solid covers, unique sizes or specific loading applications. ADA compliant grates are available.

Information Binder

Would you like information regarding our exclusive products? With over 50 pages of detailed information including specification sheets and decorative grating photos, this binder can be used as inspiration in your showroom or to specify your next project.

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