M300 Shallow MINI Drainage System



Technical Resources

M300 Cheat Sheet

Channel Length:       1 meter (39.37″)
Channel Width:         Outside-360 mm (14.17″)
Inside-300 mm (11.81″)
Channel Heights:      125 mm (4.92″)
Channel Load:           A to C

Typical Applications

  • Residential Areas
  • Park Landscapes
  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Shower Houses/Buildings
  • Parking Lots
  • Wineries

The ULMA M300 MINI Channel linear drainage system is designed for areas with height limitation. Made with polymer concrete, it is an ideal drainage solution for load class ratings A through C. The M300 is suitable for residential, pedestrian, park landscape, shower building, parking lot and even winery applications. Channels are offered in 1 meter neutral sections.

The advantage of using polymer concrete is that it helps to make the channels more impact resistant. It also provides a smooth channel surface that has a near zero absorption rate which increases the flow rate. This is in comparison to concrete which has a 5-10% absorption rate. The ULMA M300 channels are resistant to 59 different chemicals. You can view the full list by clicking here.

ULMA drainage solutions tolerate seasonal freeze-thaw and can withstand temperatures at a maximum of 167°F/75°C.

Catch basins are available, allowing access to clean out your drainage system.

Julia ShuckM300 Shallow MINI Drainage System