MultiV+200 Drainage System

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Typical Applications

  • Residential Areas
  • Park Landscapes
  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Shower Houses/Buildings
  • Wineries
  • Commercial

MultiV+200 Linear Drain

The ULMA MultiV+200 linear drainage system is made with polymer concrete with a self-cleaning V-shaped design to quickly move water pushing any debris clear in the process. It is an ideal drainage solution for load class ratings up to D when installed properly. Channels are offered in 1-meter .5% sloped. Half channels are also available.

MultiV+200 channels have an external width of 236mm, and internal width of 200mm, with overall heights between 80 and 370mm; suitable for cascade-type slopes to collect rainwater. Each section is 1 LM in length with an optimized V-shape especially designed for channel runs with no longitudinal slope. Features galvanized steel edges for lateral protection; fast RapidLock® boltless fastening system or screw system with 8 fastening points per LM.

The advantage of using polymer concrete is that it helps to make the channels more impact resistant. It also provides a smooth channel surface that has a near-zero absorption rate which increases the flow rate. This is in comparison to concrete which has a 5-10% absorption rate. The ULMA MultiV+200 channels are resistant to 59 different chemicals. You can view the full list by clicking here.

ULMA drainage solutions tolerate seasonal freeze-thaw and can withstand temperatures at a maximum of 167°F/75°C.

Save time on the job site

If you are in need of an outlet for this system you can save time and money for the necessary tools by having Trench Drain Systems core drill your channels where appropriate in advance. Click here to learn more

ULMA Trench Drain MULTIV+200
ULMA MultiV+200

MultiV+200 Fact Sheet

Channel Length: 1 meter (39.37″)
Channel Width: Outside-236 mm (9.29″)
Inside-200 mm (7.87″)
Channel Heights: 100mm (3.94″) to 249.9mm (9.84″)
Slope: .5%
Channel Load: A to C

System Features

  • Higher speed with lower flows
  • Bigger capacity for extreme flows
  • Male/Female ends for easy install
  • Two fastening options: RapidLock® boltless fastening system and screw-fastened system
ULMA MultiV+200ULMA MultiV+200 Profile

RapidLock is an exclusive grate securing system designed by ULMA.

RapidLock features 8 points at which the grate fastens into place.

RapidLock also accepts screws to further secure the grates and deter theft.

Grate options


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