Polylok Trench Drain systems are engineered to deliver the most flexibility in a robust design. The Polylok Trench Drain is H-20 wheel load rated when cast in reinforced concrete. It offers a modular design with interlocking components to enable quick and easy connections. The Polylok residential catch basin is a great budget alternative for the homeowner.


Drainage System w/Plastic Grates
Drainage System w/Plastic Grates

The Polylok Heavy Duty Trench Drain system has an H-20 wheel load rating when cast in reinforced concrete. This drainage system offers a modular design with interlocking components to enable quick and easy connections. Each segment is four foot in length and comes with a reversible ADA compliant grate that can be mounted flat or turned over for a 3/16″ convex surface.

Polylok channels are engineered with easy installation in mind.  Each four foot segment can be connected or cut down in 12″ increments using the molded cut grooves. Each channel segment has eight anchor positions to allow rebar installation that prevents floating. There are two sections on each segment that allow 2 x 4’s to be installed which aid in leveling and anchoring prior to the concrete pour. Four drainage ports are molded into the bottom of each segment for easy removal with a saw for 3″ and 4″ SCH40 or 4″ SDR35 connections. Each segment is shipped with screws to fasten the grates to the channel and to secure the interlocking pieces. No need to visit the hardware store.

Polylock Catch Basin with Green Grate

Residential Catch Basin
This residential Catch Basin Kit is budget friendly with many features. Available in two sizes: 9” x 9” or 12” x 12”. It comes with a black grate but a green grate option is available upon request.   – Made in the USA.

Polylok Channel and Slotted Drain Grate

Drainage System w/Ductile Grates
Drainage System w/Ductile Grates

  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Easy installation with one bolt
  • Open area of 47 sq. in.
  • Rust resistant grate
  • Load Class C when properly installed

Grating options include ductile iron grates for this trench drain system. Transverse slotted grates provide a higher load capacity with classic style.Ductile iron Tees and 90 degree elbow grate options available.

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