NDS 9" Catch Basin

NDS 9″ Catch Basin

The 900 Catch Basin Series is a versatile plastic drainage basin popular among homeowners.  NDS’s 900 Basin comes with 2 – 4 side outlets and offers a number of adapters to expand the system’s versatility.  For applications with a deep pipe outlet, a catch basin riser increases the basin’s depth 6″ and fits low or deep profile pipe adapters.

NDS grates for the 9″ plastic catch basin have varying load capacities.  Plastic slotted grates (black, green, gray, sand) are ADA compliant and hold lightweight vehicles while atrium grates are designed for pedestrian traffic only.

Catch Basin Specification Sheet

Catch Basin

Cast Iron Grates

The commercial-grade slotted cast iron grate holds up to delivery truck traffic.  The galvanized slotted grate is a heavy duty bar grating that can withstand hard tired forklifts.

Decorative grating foundry Iron Age Designs created a 9″ grate to fit the 900 Series catch basin. The pattern of overlapping circles, called Interlaken, is currently the only design available from Iron Age for the 9″ square basin.  Interlaken adds a more sophisticated air than standard plastic grating.

This grate is also available with our popular Baked On Oil Finish (shown).

Catch Basin Grate
Catch Basin Kit

Low Profile Adapters

Low profile adapters are ideal for yard drainage. They collect surface water while minimizing the amount of debris entering the grate to a tapered opening that connects to underground pipes.

NDS 932 9`` Low Profile Adapter
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