NDS 12" Catch Basin

NDS 12″ Catch Basin

The NDS 1200 Series is NDS’s most successful line of plastic catch basins.  Available with 2 – 4 outlet openings, the NDS 1200 catch basin offers outlet adapters to fit a range of pipe diameters.  The 1200 Series basin has risers and a sump box option stacking on top of one another that expand the depth range offered by the system.

We sell only the commercial grade NDS catch basins.

Catch Basin Specification Sheet

NDS 1216 12in Catch Basin Riser

Stacking a riser on catch basins can easily add depth. They can also be cut to size.

1200NGB Catch Basin

An update to the classic 1200 Series catch basin, the 1200 Next Generation Basin is distinguished from its predecessor because of significant differences in the basin’s body.  The 1200NGB has a unique inlet/outlet system that allows the installer to adjust outlet height to accommodate for different levels of water flow and creates flexible positioning for layouts.

NGB Specification Sheet
NGB Outlet Variations

NDS NGB Catch Basin

Flexible outlet positioning available

NDS 1221 Low Profile Catch Basin

NDS 1221

Low Profile Adapters

Low profile adapters are ideal for yard drainage in shallow areas. They direct surface water and minimize the amount of lawn debris entering the grate into a tapered opening that easily connects to underground pipes.

Multiple Grating Options

The 1200NGB and 1200 Series Catch Basins offer an extensive selection of grating.  Domed atrium grates (green, black) are available for pedestrian applications while the ADA compliant polyolefin slotted grates (gray, black, green, sand) are rated for light vehicle traffic.  Stronger still, the galvanized steel slotted and cast iron slotted grates are built to withstand commercial loads.  A pedestrian rated bronze frame-grate option fastens to the catch basin body and is heel-proof, and NDS also offers a solid plastic cover for sump box applications.

There are a broad variety of decorative cast iron grates available in either their natural raw finish or a baked on oil finish (BoOF). Be aware that although a raw grate may arrive in a silver/gray color, it will quickly begin to naturally rust the moment it is exposed to any form of moisture and will appear bright orange before settling to brown. The timing of this process varies and could take up to two years. However, BoOF is a pre-rusting process which seals in a natural chocolate brown weathered appearance that bypasses the initial rusting stages.

Natural raw coloring vs. Baked on Oil Finish (BoOF)

Raw cast iron will immediately begin to rust starting with a bright orange and will eventually settle to a medium brown color.

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