8" Channel Drain Grates

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8″ Channel Drain Grates

Iron Age makes the Carbochon, River Rock and Regular Joe pattern drain grates in 8″ to fit the NDS 8″ Pro Series drain.

While stainless steel screws are used to hold plastic grates in place, the decorative Iron Age drain grate doesn’t offer screw holes for attachment.  The Regular Joe pattern has a bolt hole for securing in the channel but the River Rock and, at 18 pounds, the 8″ Carbochon grate uses its weight to stay secure.

  • Carbochon
  • Regular Joe
  • River Rock

Made For:

NDS 8″ Pro Series System

The 8″ Pro Series by NDS is a neutral sloped channel drain made from injection molded PVC.  The 6.5″ wide channels can be either shallow (4 1/2″) or deep (7 7/8″), allowing the 8″ drain system to adapt to higher flow rates.  Channels are available in 20 inches (1/2 meter) lengths and fit together in a tongue-in-groove fashion.

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