Infinity Drain low profile channel drains provide stylish drainage in a variety of areas including bathrooms, door thresholds, courtyards, pool decking and balconies. Featuring ADA compliant stainless steel grating, Infinity drains are both charming and functional. Due to manufacturer guidelines, Infinity Drain products are only available for purchase to trade professionals (contractors or designers who will be installing the product).

Infinity Drain-65-Series | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

S(PVC) Series
Infinity Drain’s Site Sizable® PVC Channels feature a square-bodied PVC channel and a sturdy stainless-steel grate.

Infinity Drain-FF-130 Dotted Line Pattern | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

FF Series
The fixed Flange (FF) Series adds convenience to your stainless drain installation with its flanged channel body.

Infinity Drain-FXMN65-FFMN65-FTMN65- Triangular, Hexagonal Pattern | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

FX Series
Infinity Drain’s offering of fixed length linear drains combines a pre-pitched channel with stainless grating for high quality performance and design.

Infinity Drain-FF-130 Line all the way to the end of the drain | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

S-AS Series
Site Sizable® stainless steel linear drains combine a square-bodied stainless channel and grate for custom projects.

Infinity Drain-FFTIF- Grid Tile Pattern | TDS- Trench Drain Systems

FT Series
The FT Series combines a standard flanged stainless drain with the convenience of a side outlet for shallow floor situations. When you can’t afford to install vertical piping, use the FT Series instead.