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Pool drains keep excess water within the pool area while providing a safe play area for children and bare feet. Trench drain systems also redirect rain water and keep it away from any surrounding structures such as a pool house.

Factors to think about when selecting a pool drain is not only concerns with safety, but also grating options. Drain covers are available in a variety of materials and decorative designs.

Patios, sidewalks, lawns
Trench Drain Systems offers an extensive line of trench drain channels, grates and catch basins.

  • Exclusive product lines manufactured by TDS including decorative grates that can stand out as with a high end finish or blend into the scenery
  • Grates in various load ratings, flow rates and many beautiful pedestrian friendly patterns
  • Pre-sloped and neutral options for easy installation

3 Considerations

Take a Load Off

Lawn chair and patio table legs can easily poke through a thin plastic grate. Be sure to pick a grate that can handle weight loads.

Cold Feet / Hot Grates

Drain grates are available in a variety of materials. Consider how the sun effects different metal surfaces when you are looking at selections.


Consider selecting grates that are removable for easy access to clean channels periodically. Our experts can help you find the right solution and may suggest some decorative grates that may enhance your landscape design.

Proven Solutions

Mini Channel – PVC

Z884 – Polypropylene

NDS 1200 – Polypropylene

ULMA U100KX – Polymer Concrete

Slim Channel


NDS 900 – Polypropylene

TDS 4″ Point Drain

Recommendations / Comparisons

Ulma U100KXMini ChannelSlim Channel
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – C
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – B
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A
Polymer Concrete with Stainless Steel Edging
Material: PVCMaterial:
Length: 39.37″Length: 72″, 36″Lengths: 24″, 48″
ID: 3.94″ OD: 5.11″ID: 2.75″ OD: 3.5″ID: 1.5″ OD: 2.25″
GPM: 154GPM: 396
GPM: 18-21.44
Slope: 0.5%Slope: NoSlope: No
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Point Drain Recommendations / Comparisons

NDS 900NDS 1200Flo-Well®
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – D
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A – D
Traffic Rating:
Load Class A
Dimensions: 9″ x 9″Demensions: 12″ x 12″Dimensions: 4″ dia.
Outlet Size: 3″, 4″, 6″Outlet Size: 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″Outlet Size: 4″
GPM: 114GPM: 155
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