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Drainage Solutions

Prevent water from pooling in low spots with trench drain systems installed. Water usually pools at the base of steps when the sidewalk is sloped toward the step, leaving no place for the water to drain. This also happens when a backyard patio slopes toward the house foundation: storm water has nowhere to go but to the place between the patio and foundation wall. If there is a seam along that contact edge, water will most likely seep along the basement wall and damage the foundation.

By installing a trench drain along the base of the wall or step, you provide a conduit to redirect water to a more suitable location.

Standard trench drains use a removable 4” to 6” grate. Drains can be deceptively effective so you shouldn’t need a wider drain for this application.

3 Considerations

What’s Your Angle?

Is your patio area flat? Does it angle away from your home or are there areas that pool? It’s important to make sure that water runoff is diverted away from your home or other structures to avoid water damage.

Going with the Flow.

Remember that you’re not just directing runoff from your patio and/or sidewalks, you’re routing any water that leads to them including water from driveways or downspouts.

Weight Limits

What kind of traffic will your drains see? Will there be a lot of weight on them or will legs of patio furniture get stuck or perhaps crack the grates?

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Proven Solutions

Mini Channel – PVC

8″ Pro Series – PVC

MEArin 100 – Fiberglass

PolyDrain – Polymer Concrete

Recommendations / Comparisons

ID: 2.75″ OD: 3.5″

GPM: 28.14

Lengths:  72″, 36″

Slope: No

Material: PVC

Load Rating: A – C

ID: 4″ OD: 5.3″

Length:  1m, 1/2m

Slope: No

Material: Fiberglass

Load Rating: A – B

ID: 4″ OD: 6.1″

GPM: 380

Catch Basin Available

Lengths: 1m, 1/2m

Built in Slope: 0.6%

Material: Polymer Concrete

Load Rating: A – F

ID: 6.875″ OD: 8.25″

GPM: 94.37

Catch Basin Available

Length:  1/2m

Slope: No

Material: HDPE

Load Rating: A – C


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